Ceresio 7: there’s a new Milan in our eyes!

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Yesterday night we went to the new rooftop bar Ceresio 7 in Milan, on the top of the HQ Dsquared! The location is very cool and the view of the city is amazing..it seemed to be in NYC, and some streets that we walk through every day looked different: looked BEAUTIFUL! There’s a new Milan in our eyes..and in our hearts!





Kitchen lesson #2: crรชpes with asparagus and strawberries

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Hi friends! Tonight we made some crรชpes for dinner! It was a great idea cause they are so easy to make and very tasty.
Here all the ingredients of our special crepรชs: asparagus, turkey, strawberries, salad, asiago cheese and mustard! Matt and Fede’s crepes are very delicious and tasty, let’s try them!;-)





Our Chinese Trattoria in Milan

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We love chinese food and we tried a lot of chinese restaurant in these years. There are many good restaurants in chinatown but our favorite one is this: trattoria cinese “Hua Cheng”, via G.Bruno 13. Food is so delicious, the place is very simple and there are the young members of the family owner like waiters. Following, some plates taken yesterday night with our friend Alessandro. For your first visit we suggest you Gnocchi con verdure e gamberi, gamberetti sale e pepe, anatra arrosto, verdure senza cuore and palline fritte di sesamo like dessert.
Have a yummy day!!:-)





New place in town #1: La Michetteria Mica Male

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Few days ago we discovered this fantastic and genial place to eat THE MILANESE Dish: the MICHETTA! The place is called Mica Male and it’s located in Corso di porta Ticinese, one of Fede’s favorite street in Milan. Asap we will try their Michetta with Salame; the location is nice, we hope in a great taste too๐Ÿ’–


Coco Chanel: un nuovo ritratto dipinto da Marion Pike

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Untill the beginning of February 2014 you can find two interesting exhibitions, totally free, at Palazzo Morando in Via Sant’Andrea in Milan: one about the great woman that Coco Chanel was, and one of Milan and its beauty. Go to enjoy them, it’s a pity if you are in Milan and you won’t find a little piece of your spare time for them:-)



Kitchen Lesson #1: Ossibuchi with Risotto alla Milanese

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We are attending our first kitchen lesson @ Ale’s Kitchen in the Cube with the lovely Alessandra. We have made Ossibuchi with Risotto alla Milanese, the smell is great and we can’t wait to taste it! For you, our followers, this is the pics process that you can do for making it. Let’s try it๐Ÿด๐Ÿ’–









2014: We Believe in it!

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A scoppio ritardato – ma mai troppo tardi – vogliamo augurare a tutti un 2014 all’insegna del credo: credere nelle proprie potenzialitรก, credere nelle persone che ci stanno attorno, credere nella positivitร , credere in nuovi progetti, credere nel buon cambiamento.. Perchรจ ogni cambiamento porta a nuove opportunitร , e noi vogliamo credere che siano fantastiche! I nostri buoni propositivi per i prossimi anni che verranno: parlare di piรน con i nostri nonni (Giro dobbiamo organizzare il primo incontro di Gennaio), condividere di piรน (a breve una nuova iniziativa basata sulla sharing economy), credere nei nostri amici (quale viaggio ci aspetta insieme?) e lavorare sui nostri talenti..e poi? Lasciamo a voi continuare la listaโค๏ธ